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MC^2 Press is accepting submissions for our first energy collection, 1xMC^2: An Exploration of Contrast.

Theme: An Exploration of Contrast. Interpretation of this theme is up to the creator’s discretion. Energy is fluid; energy cannot be put into a box. We believe the same is true for the creative act.

We accept submissions in the form of photography, videography, film, music, animation, research articles, essays, short stories, drawings, paintings, poetry, prints, mixed media, prose (fiction and non-fiction), or any work or idea that can be conveyed via print or digital.

Process: Submit your work with the requirements below to the email address Please use the subject line “1xMC^2 Energy Collection Submission”. At the end of the submission period, we will select work that we believe has the most compelling expression of the collection’s theme. All creative autonomy and rights will be reserved for the creator(s). No work will be shared without the creator’s consent and credit. All submissions will be accepted or rejected within 1 month of submission. If accepted, the creator will receive more correspondence to discuss the publishing of their work.


  1. A personal statement from the creator(s) regarding how they believe their work aligns with the theme of the edition.

  2. This statement written and signed by the creator(s): “This work was created with no ill intention toward anyone or anything. I/we believe this work should be shared to foster human connection, spark ideas, offer a unique perspective, or express love. I understand that art is a powerful tool to unite or divide, and I believe that this work has a higher chance of doing the former than the latter.”

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